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(observation of the opposition during the March for Life in Ottawa 2016)

by Joseph Hudec

     I think it is common knowledge that if you swing at a cop you'll get arrested, I don't know what the Protesters at the march for Life's problems were (aside from the fact that they were actually getting in trouble for being troublesome). They kept saying they didn't understand why they were being persecuted, but they probably didn't also understand what happens when you punch a bunch of peaceful people in the face, throw tomatoes at cops, or scream during a prayer vigil. 

     As I have said a few times, during that week, quoting the Duke (John Wayne) "Life is hard, but if you're stupid it's harder!" If there is nothing more disappointing then a protester who is only half witted, it's a news agency full of liars (also known as the CBC). Yes the CBC were correct that there was 8,000 people at parliament, but they did not count the other 12,000+ people that were there! Since the CBC, I suppose, are in the pocket of the Liberal party the truth will come as easily as it comes from our "beloved" PM. 

     There could be a case made for suppression of freedom of the press made, but since the Liberals pay the CBC tonnes of money every year they only record the unthinking protesters who do not understand what is in a Policeman's job description. I saw a girl get struck in the face right in front of me, and her candle was thrown to the ground by a protester who wore a communist logo on his bandana, during a peaceful prayer event for the unborn. Pro Abortionists haven't got a lot more going for them. 

      The Pro Abortion arguments are poorly an excuse for science, debates with them usually end with them accusing, and swearing, even insulting leading to injury, and when you decide to be peaceful they stir the pot and throw some punches in. If abortion were the right thing, they are not teaching people the right way. But since abortion is wrong (with no exceptions) I can proudly say that I have heard intelligent arguments, debate answers, and awesome scientific answers for abortionists. If you do not desire to change to Pro Life, have fun going to prison for assault to peaceful person in public charges.

     The beauty that was seen and felt throughout the week churned hearts, and made us strong in the conviction that should be prevalent in all forms of the Pro Life movement. The inspirational speeches by the Members of Parliament, the moving stories of women who had had Abortions, and spoke out breaking their silence, and the inspirational speeches from the women of Africa made the event of the March more of a surge of God's love and mercy to the City of Africa, and indeed the world!

     Among our family outside of Canada were yet another welcome sight: the presence of our Polish Pro Life Brother's and Sisters. The Polish flag could be seen waving in front of the Parliament building held in the hands of some very happy, and proud Polish people! To speak more on Poland, just a few months prior they had made abortion illegal in their country without exception! And their presence was a welcome, and beautiful sight!

      To praise the Polish and exclude the Ukrainian Catholics, Lutherans, African's, and many, many more would not only sound exclusive, but just be barely skimming the surface of the immense numbers of faithful people there!

     The evening of the same day at the Youth banquet our group heard an amazing speech from Matt Walsh, a blogger, and inspirational speaker. Not only did Mr. Walsh hit the nail on the head, but he told us as he saw it, and did he ever see it! 

     If Trudeau were not in Fort Mac (as he should have been earlier) he would have seen what conviction is, what stubbornness is, what the Pro Life movement is. Thank God he went to Fort Mac, yet at the same time it was a bit sad that he did not see us, but then again he probably watched the CBC's testament (which is less than the truth). If by the small chance  the CBC makes him think about the Pro Life movement as something more than "Anti-Abortion Protestors" I will literally ask this article to be written in gold so that I may frame it, and place it on my wall. However, since we know that with the CBC reporting the wrong side of the story, all the time, we can be fairly certain that Justin Trudeau will not think twice about any of the Pro Life movement. 

     Following our adventures in, and around the Parliament building we also made visits to Notre Dame Cathedral, St. Patricks Basilica, and St. Theresa Parish. Also three of the men from our group went to St. Clement on our last day there to participate in a Latin Mass! 

     The March for Life taught me three things that I thought I would probably not learn: 1) Everything we do has an end game, and what we will do once we have been successful (because when Abortion is made illegal there will be still lots of work). 2) We are not alone in the fight; as I have mentioned before there was about 20,000 - 22,000 people participating in the March for Life including but not limited to: Canadians (there were a lot of those guys and gals), Ukrainian, Polish, African, and American (USA) Pro Lifers, more than likely they were excluded by the CBC because Pro Lifers are not as diverse to them. 3) NEVER STOP FIGHTING, and NEVER GIVE UP! Never give up even when it seems like there is nothing going on! Being a Pro Lifer is like being an iconographer, in the end game you make something as beautiful as Our Lady of Czestochowa, but in the beginning it looks like your paints are nothing but watery mixtures barely wetting the canvas. Keep writing that icon because someday it will say Viva La Vida! And we will put it on a coin, and we will hold it aloft and shout to the world, Long Live Life!

Attention all Local Pro-life organizations (hereby known as Sponsors)  that are interested in attending or sponsoring youth to attend the National Youth Conference 2016 in Ottawa on May 11th - 13th.
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NOTE: The youth can also add their own information and even their own baby or youth picture if they want to on the numbers format of the Youth Donor Form...before printing if off. Then you can add your information and authorize the form.   You'll notice on the Youth Donor Form that my name is at the top.  The youth will have to phone me to acquire my donation.  I recommend adding your own perhaps more generous donation then mine to the youth donor form to help encourage the youth in his/her fundraising efforts.  :)      

 STEP#4  Sponsor fundraising projects or events for the youth at Churches, schools, etc.  IE  Macklin/Denzil Prolife raised quite a bit with a pancake breakfast and the youth helped with the cooking/clean up.    Keep the extra funds  for sending youth next year.  

 STEP #5  -Your local group should  send the Registration form and Waiver form as soon as possible to Colette or SPLA and $1100.00 payable to SPLA by April 15th.     

STEP #6  If your Local group has insufficient funds please email me (Val).  We don't want to see any youth miss this opportunity because of funding.  

SPLA will provide the following  for the youth/young adult:  Registration for the  youth conference in Ottawa, flights from Saskatoon, accommodations, arranging city travel and some meals. ( some meals require personal money )and a chaperone,  Colette Stang.    

IMPORTANT NOTE:    A complete itinerary will be emailed to each of the registered email contacts listed on the registration form by approximately April 30th.   If your group would prefer to book the  flight from Regina then please subtract that amount from the total cost of  $1100.00 when sending your payment into SPLA.      

Sponsors are in charge of  acquiring the funds and then submitting payment to the SPLA office by April 15th, 2016
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