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NEWS RELEASE - SPLA Convention being held in Saskatoon

Saskatchewan Pro-Life Association Convention, SASKATOON

 by Marcy Millette

Saskatoon Alliance for Life will host the 2015 Provincial Convention for Saskatchewan Pro-Life Association at St. Mary’s Parish Hall on April 24-25th.  Alliance for Life has chosen the theme, “Mother and Child, Love Them Both”. 

Keynote speaker, Dr. Deborah Zeni, will address the chosen theme with her summary of “Complications, Abortion’s Impact on Women”, printed by deVeber Institute for Bioethics and Social Research. Some of the concerns addressed in the book include: Abortion and the link to breast cancer, greater suicide rates, increased risks of prematurity in subsequent pregnancies and future fertility problems. The negative impact of induced abortion on women has been validated by the British Medical Journal, the American Journal of Medical Quality and numerous other sources found on the deVeber site,

Speaker, Travon Clifton, will tell her story, “Conceived in Rape – the Exceptional Life”. Clifton is a pro-life speaker with “Save the 1”, an organization whose mission is to educate everyone on why all pre-born children should be protected by law and accepted by society, without exception and without compromise. Clifton has been a widely-sought pro-life speaker on Family Talk radio (Dr. James Dobson), Students for Life events, Black History Month and Equipped for Life of Evangel Ministries in Detroit, MI. 

Shawna Sparrow, Teen-Aid Saskatchewan, will unfold her latest project, “Protecting your Child in the Digital Age”. Sparrow offers workshops for parents with topics ranging from, Building Character and Values to Research on Dating Rules and Helping your Teen Practice Chastity. 

Shancelle Hildebrandt shares her adoption story, “No Greater Love, No Greater Gift”. Animated and entertaining, Hildebrandt convinces her audiences on the value of adoption as a viable answer to unplanned pregnancy. 

Mike Schouten, Director of We Need A Law, will highlight SPLA’s newest campaign promoting Parental Consent Legislation. Schouten has been published many times in the National Post, Vancouver Sun, and the Calgary Herald  as well as interviewed by CBC News, CPAC and various radio talk shows across the country. The Convention, “Mother and Child, Love Them Both”, promises to both inspire and motivate delegates for continued pro-life action in this province.  Register online at or call 306-373-3096 fmi. Childcare is provided.

40 Days for Life Canada - A report from Campaign Life Coalition

by Wanda Hartlin, Co-ordinator - 40 Days for Life, Ottawa

Our Montreal counterparts, did begin a Winter/Spring campaign. As in Ottawa, we are under the umbrella of Campaign Life Coalition, the Montreal campaign is under the umbrella of our Montreal office called, Campagne Quebec-Vie. Soon after beginning their 40 Days for Life campaign, the office staff of Campagne  Quebec-Vie was served legal documentation petitioning the Quebec Superior Court to forbid them to hold a vigil at the Morgentaler facility. So they moved their vigil to another abortion facility, Femina, and within a week were again served legal documents by a bailiff ordering them to refrain from praying in front of Femina.

A temporary injunction (aka a "bubble zone") was issued with the intention of bringing about a permanent injunction forbidding pro-lifers and sidewalk counsellors from being within a one block radius of these facilities. 

Brian Jenkins, co-ordinator of the Montreal campaign writes, " . . . the judge would only be available to hear our arguments for both instances on June 16, 2015. In the interim, we ask you to keep us and our lawyer, Mr. Robert Reynolds, in your prayers. We are diligently preparing our arguments."

Ottawa does not have a bubble zone. Very few Canadian cities do. I only know of Toronto and our neighbouring city, Gatineau, that have bubble zones. Montreal may soon be numbered with these few. As Brian asked, please keep Campagne Quebec-Vie and their court battle in your prayers.

Saskatchewan College of Physicians and Surgeons defer decision on refusing care on religious grounds

Members of Saskatchewan College of Physicians and Surgeons want more time for decision

CBC News Posted: Mar 26, 2015 11:26 AM CT Last Updated: Mar 26, 2015 2:27 PM CT

Members of Saskatchewan's College of Physicians and Surgeons have deferred voting on a controversial topic.

At this month's meeting, the College's council was reviewing a draft policy that dealt with doctors refusing care based on ethical or religious grounds. That includes refusing to provide care on abortions, genetic testing and blood transfusions.

The draft policy would not force doctors to perform any medical procedures, except in emergency, life-threatening situations. It would, however, force them to refer patients to another doctor or nurse practitioner for more advice on the topic.

The policy also notes that, "physicians must not promote their own moral or religious beliefs when interacting with a patient."

Doctors at the meeting said they hadn't had enough time to review the policy, which was first drafted in January, then revised.

The motion, unsurprisingly, sparked considerable debate at the council table among doctors.

"This is a very serious topic," said Bryan Salte, associate registrar of the College of Physicians and Surgeons. "There are people who feel very strongly about this. And there are people who feel very strongly about this from both perspectives."

Salte said the College received thousands of pieces of mail on the subject.

"If you look at the consultation information, you will see physicians who say you're infringing my rights, you have no right to do this, I have a charter right, and I cannot be compelled to do what you want me to do," he said. "There are others who said this doesn't go far enough, and it is simply unacceptable for physicians to not provide birth control, and every physician who is in that environment has to."

A similar policy in Ontario is currently the focus of a charter challenge by the Christian Medical and Dental Society of Canada and the Canadian Federation of Catholic Physicians' Societies.

Ontario lawyer Albertos Polizogopoulos said offering a referral to another doctor violates his clients' religious rights. He also said a policy like this would drive doctors from the medical field.

"The physicians and the upcoming physicians in the medical schools will be faced with one of two options," he said. "They either comply with the policy, and they make a referral for a procedure or a pharmaceutical to which they object on moral or religious grounds, which would mean they violate their religious beliefs or their conscience, or secondly, they don't comply with the policy, and they choose not to violate their religious beliefs and they face disciplinary action from the college."

Saskatchewan's draft policy will be reviewed at the College's meeting on Saturday. It will then be circulated to members and voted on at the its next meeting in June (corrected).
National Youth Conference
Attention all Local Pro-life organizations (hereby known as Sponsors)  that are interested in attending or sponsoring youth to attend the National Youth Conference 2015 in Ottawa on May 13-16th
Saskatchewan Pro-life Assoc. is the official Sask. host of this conference and our President will be attending and chaperoning the events.   Please contact Colette Stang for the official Registration form.  Or e-mail us at
NOTE:  A $100.00 deposit is required by the registrant to save their spot.    This registration form should be filled out and the  amount should be  paid to your local pro-life group and should go towards the total cost of the trip which is usually around 1100.00/person.  
The  policy is that your Local Pro-life group  should try to raise the money to send the youth.  However, we don't want any youth to miss the National Youth Conference for lack of funding.   If there are funds lacking then please consider applying for a grant request through the Saskatchewan Pro-Life Education Trust. To get more information or to acquire an application please contact Colette Stang.   The deadline for grant applications is April 15th for the 2015 National Youth Conference.  
Please notice the  donation Schedule that groups can use by giving to youth or adults who are needing funds to go the the National Youth Conference.   Your local prolife group should print this on your own letterhead if possible.  If not,  your groups name and  Tax ID need to be  printed on the form and should be signed by your president or treasurer.  This person that signs the form is responsible for collecting the forms and money from the youth.    The youth can replace the baby picture with their own if they use the Numbers/excel Document attached.  
If the youth/adult  or Sponsor ( your local pro-life group)  does not want to ask for donations using this schedule we encourage the sponsor to do a small fundraiser event with the youth.  
Sponsors are in charge of  acquiring the funds and then submitting payment to Colette by May 10, 2015 
Please submit registration forms and parental agreements asap.
Opposing The Supreme Court of Canada Assisted Death Decision

Opposing The Supreme Court of Canada Assisted Death Decision

Brush Off The Pen & Paper!
On February 6, the Supreme Court made an irresponsible and dangerous decision by decriminalizing assisted death. The EPC Board wants the Federal government to invoke the notwithstanding clause to protect people with disabilitieselders who live with abusedepressed and suicidal  people and other people. It is not safe to enable one person to be involved with killing another person.  Read More
Write to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan - From Dr Fryters

To : all my Pro-Life Friends, Colleagues in Ministry, close friends and family, and others interested


The Saskatchewan Council of Physicians and Surgeons approved in principle a new policy called "Conscientious Refusal" during its meetings in the month of January.

The Policy does NOT acknowledge our Pro-Life values or the Pro-Life values held by many of our Provincial physicians.  While I encourage you to go to CPSS web site to read the whole policy for yourself, two disturbing elements are :

* though recognizing that physicians' freedom of conscience should be respected, it states : Physicians can decline to provide legally permissible and publicly-funded health services if providing those services violate their freedom of conscience.  However, in such situations, they must make a timely referral to another health care provider who is willing and able to accept the patient and provide the service.

* worse, in Point 5.4 of the policy, it states : When a referral to another health care provider is not possible without causing a delay that would jeopardize the patient's health or well-being, physicians must provide the patient with all health services that are legally permissible and publicly-funded and that are consented to by the patient or, in the case of an incompetent patient, by the patient's substitute decision-maker.

Not only disturbing, but this policy clearly is dangerous as it potentially would jeopardize the health of both patients as well as the unborn, the elderly, the handicapped, the mentally ill, etc...

CPSS is allowing the general public to provide input but it has to be done before their deadline of March 6th, 2015.  I have prepared a lengthy submission (sorry for the length) which is attached.  Please read it carefully.

As public pressure might have an impact on the Council deliberations at the end of March, if you agree with my submission, I encourage you to send an e-mail to CPSS and inform them that you are backing my submission.  If, for any reason, you do not agree, that is also fine, and we will still be friends.  If you have any questions, you are welcome to call me at 306-970-8675 or to e-mail me.  Do not forget, the deadline to do something is March 6th, 2015!!!   To e-mail CPSS, it has to be sent to   Bryan is CPSS' legal counsel.  If you e-mail your support to the Council, please side-copy me so that I know that I am standing alone on this.



Rev. Dr. John Fryters, Ph.D., ICADC Emeritus

Voluntary Executive Director of Jubilation Program

Pastor of Under The Juniper Tree Chapel

PRESS RELEASE from Colette Stang, President SPLA

Press Release             February 7th, 2015

Saskatchewan Pro-Life Association was disappointed, but not surprised by the Supreme Court ruling on euthanasia.  “This court has consistently used creativity to circumvent basic human rights as enshrined in the Charter.  This is not the first time that the court has dismissed community values that treasure life for their view of individual rights”, said Colette Stang, the president of the organization. 

“The ruling makes it that much more important that the organization work to elect people who will appoint judges that recognize the supremacy of God and will work to protect vulnerable life instead of following the latest fads”, she added.

The pro-life organization also is calling upon the provincial government to enact laws to ensure that the killing of patients is not covered by Medicare or hospitalization payments, and legislation to amend the Physicians and Surgeons Act to protect freedom of conscience for medical doctors who refuse to cooperate with the new law.

For further information, call Colette Stang at 306 753-2647

Act NOW before Saskatchewan doctors are FORCED to go against their beliefs

Well, we knew it was a matter of time but, it is in Saskatchewan sooner than what we expected...



Protection of Conscience Project

News Release


Policy wording supplied by abortion and euthanasia activists

Policy would apply to euthanasia, if legalized.
The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan is proposing a draft policy demanding that physicians who object to "legally permissible and publicly-funded health services" must direct patients to colleagues who will provide them.  If another physician is unavailable, the College demands that they provide "legally permissible and publicly-funded" services,  even if doing so "conflicts with physicians’ deeply held and considered moral or religious beliefs."
Physicians usually refuse to participate in abortion because they believe it is wrong to kill what the criminal law refers to as a child that has not become a human being.1 The proposed policy will require them to find a physician willing to do the killing they won't do.  Should the Supreme Court of Canada legalize euthanasia, the policy will require objecting physicians who refuse to kill patients to find someone who will.
The seamless fit between referral for abortion and referral for euthanasia is not surprising.  The draft College policy was largely written by abortion and euthanasia activists, notably Professor Jocelyn Downie of Dalhousie University.
In a 2006 guest editorial in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, Professor Downie and another law professor claimed that objecting physicians are obliged to refer patients for abortion.2  Their views were vehemently rejected by physicians and repudiated by the Canadian Medical Association.3  Partly as a result of the negative response, Professor Downie and her colleagues in the "Conscience Research Group" decided to convince Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons to impose it.4
Saskatchewan's draft policy is taken almost verbatim from their "Model Conscientious Objection Policy."
The Conscience Research Group is  a tax-funded initiative that includes Professors Downie and Daniel Weinstock.5   Both  were members of an “expert panel” that recommended that health care professionals who object to killing patients should be compelled to refer patients to someone who would,6 because (they claimed) it is agreed that they can be compelled to refer for “reproductive health services.”7
Current efforts by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario to suppress freedom of conscience in the medical profession may have been influenced by the Conscience Research Group.  However, the College in Saskatchewan is the first to copy and paste its preferred model into a draft policy.
The Project insists that it is incoherent and contrary to sound public policy to include a requirement to do what one believes to be wrong in a professional code of ethics. It is also an affront to the best traditions of liberal democracy, and, ultimately, dangerous.
The College Council has approved the policy in principle, but will accept feedback on it until 6 March, 2015.

Maurice Vellacot, Member of Parliament, issued a press release recently decrying the situation unfolding in Saskatchewan.

"No good can come from forcing a doctor to practice medicine in a way they find morally reprehensible. Killing the consciences of our medical doctors will cause inestimable harm to the people of Canada and society as a whole."

 What can you do?

You can give your input to both medical organizations and let them know that forcing doctors to act against their consciences harms both our doctors and all Canadians.   PLEASE copy your letter to Premier Brad Wall and to the Honourable Dustin Duncan, Minister of Health.  You can write your own letter/e-mail or, click here for a sample letter and the addresses (mailing and e-mail) to the college AND to the Premier and Minister of Health.

 For the Saskatchewan College, click here.

For the Ontario College, click here.

For more information on this issue, visit the LifeCanada blog here.

Will Physicians be FORCED to do or refer to immoral procedures?

For Immediate Release                                                                                               January 8, 2015 

OTTAWA – In anticipation of the possible striking down of Canada’s laws against euthanasia and assisted suicide (pending the Supreme Court’s decision in the Carter case), and given the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario’s (CPSO’s) draft policy “Professional Obligations and Human Rights” [i] which, if passed, would require Ontario physicians to make referrals for controversial medical procedures regardless of their conscientious/religious convictions, Member of Parliament Maurice Vellacott today issued the following statement:

I am deeply concerned about the assault on the fundamental freedoms of Ontario’s doctors should CPSO’s policy forcing doctors to make referrals for morally objectionable “treatments” pass. If the Supreme Court of Canada strikes down Canada’s current laws on euthanasia or assisted suicide, then CPSO’s policy would mean Ontario’s physicians would have a “duty to refer” patients for treatments intended to kill the patient.

From the research I have conducted, with the help of the Library of Parliament, I have learned there is not a single jurisdiction in the world that forces doctors to violate their consciences through mandatory referrals for these life-ending “treatments.” (See attached list of laws in jurisdictions which have legalized euthanasia or assisted suicide.)

We all recognize it is criminally wrong to aid or abet the commission of a criminal act.[ii] In the same way, it would be morally wrong for a doctor to aid or abet (i.e. through referral) the commission of what that doctor deems to be an immoral act – in this case, intentionally killing, or assisting in the killing of, their patient. Following one’s conscience in the provision of euthanasia or assisted suicide, then, entails making a conscientious decision not only about performing euthanasia or assisted suicide, but also about making referrals for them.

The Canadian Medical Association has long been a defender of a physician’s freedom to abstain from being involved in morally objectionable procedures. Last August, the CMA clearly expressed its support for physicians’ freedom of conscience in the provision of euthanasia and assisted suicide should those acts ever be legalized.[iii]

In spite of no jurisdiction in the world imposing on physicians a legal duty to refer for euthanasia or assisted suicide, and in spite of the support for freedom of conscience by the national medical organization representing Canada’s physicians, we have the regulatory body in Ontario poised to punish physicians who act upon their moral guidance system that tells them that killing their patients is wrong.

Over the years, there have been repeated attempts by activists and special interest groups to impose their version of morality on all health care workers (almost succeeding in 2008 to convince CPSO to impose mandatory referral, until a loud public outcry from right across the country compelled CPSO to reverse course.) Such was the threatening climate that compelled me to introduce several private members bills, in successive Parliaments, that would protect health care workers who had conscientious objections to being involved in practices that deliberately take human life.

If the Supreme Court strikes down our laws against assisted suicide/euthanasia, then it will be up to Parliament to come up with a new law. It is clear from CPSO’s actions that we can’t leave it to the regulatory bodies to protect freedom of conscience. Any new law to regulate these life-ending medical procedures will need to include explicit protection for those health care workers who won't take part in any action that aids or abets the killing of their patients. 

For further information and comment, call (613) 992-1966 or (613) 297-2249; email:

Pro-Life Activist Rod Bruinooge is leaving politics.

WINNIPEG - A Manitoba Conservative MP and anti-abortion advocate says he won't be asking voters to send him back to Ottawa but he hasn't ruled out running provincially.
Rod Bruinooge, who represents Winnipeg South, announced Wednesday that he plans to leave federal politics this fall to spend more time with his two young children.
He said the loss of a close family member over the Christmas holidays led to his decision to spend more time at home.
"It has reminded me how precious each moment is with my kids," he said in a statement.  Read more...

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