The co-sponsors of the Father Ted Colleton Scholarship program, The Interim newspaper and Niagara Region Right to Life, are proud to announce the theme for the essay portion of the contest for the upcoming academic year 2014-2015. This edition will be the 13th year of the scholarship and it continues to grow and draw young people into the pro-life movement as learners. More than 800 students have participated since its founding. It is hoped that this challenging theme will generate creativity. This spring announcement should give motivated students a head start for the written portion of the contest.

To view the information about and download the application for the Fr Ted Colleton Scholarship, go here.

The following is a sample of a brief presentation that you can use to introduce the Parental Consent initiative to your church.
Good morning!
Thank you (pastor, father...) for the opportunity to speak to you on behalf of Saskatchewan Pro-Life.
Did you know that, in this province, young teenage girls can have an abortion without their parent’s consent or knowledge?
Sask. Pro-Life (and We Need A Law) have initiated a campaign asking Legislators to enact a Parental Consent law to protect young girls and their families.
We have petitions to sign – that will only take 50 seconds of your time. The petition requires full name / address and phone number clearly written by persons of any age who can sign legibly.
Blank copies of this petition could also be taken home to fill with signatures of family or friends. All petitions need to be returned to us or mailed to the SPLA office in Regina.
We are also asking that you share our website on facebook and other media. The website is and there you will find the 3–click lobby to send a letter to your Member of the Legislative Assembly. It is simple, easy and an effective way to have your voice heard.
Let us all work together for stronger, happier families.
Thank you,