Countless studies show that the use of artificial birth control methods can cause various forms of cancer and other side effects.

Read a story from Huffington Post that relates to the risk of Blood Clots. (The author does promote the use of artificial birth control but, the story is about blood clots)

Here is a site where there are several other effects of birth control.

Fertility awareness is a collection of methods using your body’s natural and normal functioning to determine the days of the month you are most likely to get pregnant. It is also called Natural Family Planning (NFP), the Sympto-Thermal Method, or the Billings Method. Read more...


Natural Family Planning Organizations and Information: 

Here is a brochure for the Saskatchewan Natural Family planning.  Either download the brochure and go to their web site.

One method of NFP is using the Sympto-Thermal Method.

The Billings Method is also based on the ovulation method and is quite popular and effective. is another good source of information on the Billings Method

As well, Serena Saskatchewan is an organization that teaches and coaches in Natural Family planning.  Check out their web site or follow them on Facebook.




A new era for Serena Canada, and therefore for Serena Saskatchewan, is underway. An important planning meeting was held in Alberta early in February to make plans for the future. Details of this exciting endeavour will be forthcoming in the months ahead.

The knowledge and practice of natural family planning, important as it is for married couples, is only a part of the understanding of human sexuality and what it means to be human.

Every person longs for companionship and intimacy: in the unmarried and celibate state of life those needs are met with other family members and close friendships; in the married state it is with one's spouse. It is our desire and aim to help those who we encounter to "discover authentic intimacy." We must strive to model this in our own marriage and help other couples to grow in intimacy as well.

In this season of Lent we are reminded to 'Prepare the way of the Lord, make his paths straight.' There are many other voices in the world proposing 'alternate lifestyles' and skewed understandings of sexuality. Let us not let any opportunity pass by neglecting to point someone in the right direction. Let us pray for courage, humility, and mercy to assist our brothers and sisters in discovering what it is to live a truly human life.

Please remember to visit the Serena SK website for more information. 

To read more and to view the .pdf Winter 2016 Serena Newsletter, go here.

Four Keys to Happy Healthy Marriage!
Free / Total / Faithful / Fruitful. Billings NFP embraces all and helps couples realize authentic love.
Whether peri-menopausal or in childbearing years, Billings NFP can help you monitor your reproductive health to either achieve or postpone pregnancy.  
Fertility Awareness Seminar: Last Wednesday of each month. 7:00 – 9:00pm. 
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