This is a power-point summary of Dr. Somerville's presentation at St. Paul's Hospital in Saskatoon

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The Time to Stop the Euthanasia Train from Running off the Tracks is Now!

Bill 52 Update: By God's grace, Quebec's euthanasia bill was stalled by the opposition Liberals on Thursday, preventing it from being passed. The governing PQ party pushed hard for a vote so that it could become law before they called an election. Now they will be forced to decide whether to proceed with an election call. Either way, we can be thankful that some time has been bought. Please pray earnestly for a softening of hearts in Quebec and across this land.

Now is the Time to Keep the Euthanasia Train from Running off the Tracks!

By Mark Penninga, In her article "assisted suicide – what could possibly go wrong" the Globe and Mail's Margaret Wente looks at how Belgium's and Holland's euthanasia laws are running off the rails. As Quebec is on the verge of legalizing euthanasia, she rightly concludes that our ethical dilemmas may only be just... Click Here to read more.