As pro-lifers it is important that we ask our Provincial Candidates to make LIFE an issue in this election.  It is important that we tell them what policies they must support in order to get our vote.  This page is dedicated to important issues and questions that you should ask your candidate but first, let us highlight some important information:

Election Day: April 4th, 2016

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Election Day is on April 4, 2016 and soon candidates will be knocking on your door and phoning your home, all in an effort to get your vote. Are you ready? If you are like the majority of us you have some opinions – even thoughts on things that really matter – but you’re just not sure how to express them. We want to help you to ensure that every time you have a conversation with a candidate (no matter what party they are running for) you make the most of that opportunity! 

The information and suggested questions below are focussed on two specific life issues. For over two years we have been working to build support for a parental consent for abortion law in Saskatchewan. It is our hope and prayer that whoever forms the next government will have the courage to introduce this important legislation. Now it’s your turn to ask them where they stand and whether they will support a parental consent law.

In addition to a parental consent law we also encourage you to ask your candidate what they plan to do now that euthanasia and assisted suicide look to become legal in Canada. While the Federal Government grapples with this our Provincial Government will also have a responsibility to ensure that the most stringent regulations are in place. 

Please consider these important topics as you decide who to support in the upcoming Election. If you have any other questions you would like to see us focus on please email them to If you would like to receive our regular Election updates we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter right here

Interesting fact: The prefrontal cortex – the area of the brain where we learn proper decision making and discernment – is not fully developed until we are in our early 20s. For this reason we have laws that determine when teenagers can drive cars, get married, and drink alcohol. 

Question: In Saskatchewan teenagers cannot drive cars before they are sixteen, they cannot get married before they are eighteen, and they are prohibited from drinking alcohol until they are nineteen. But, a young girl of age fourteen can request and receive an abortion with no knowledge of her parents. If elected, what will you do to stand up for the best interests of our young girls? Will you support a parental consent for abortion law? 

Interesting fact: Currently, there is no legislation in Saskatchewan that imposes a requirement for parents to provide their consent for medical treatment of a minor. The determination of whether a minor understands the treatment she is receiving rests solely with the medical staff who makes decisions based on guidelines set forth by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan. 

Question: In our province we don’t allow the Saskatchewan Automobile Dealers Association to determine whether a teenager has the mental capacity to drive. Also, we would never let the Saskatchewan Hotel and Hospitality Association set the legal drinking age. Yet, parents have no say in whether or not their teenage daughter can have an abortion. If elected, would you support laws that respected parental authority by mandating parent’s consent should their daughter request an abortion?

Interesting fact: In February 2015 the Supreme Court struck down Canada’s assisted suicide laws and gave Parliament one year to come up with a solution. The deadline has now been extended to June 2016. Some vocal groups, including an influential Provincial-Territorial Expert Advisory Group, have recommended there should be no age restrictions on when someone can request euthanasia or assisted suicide. 

Question: If elected, how would you regulate the age at which someone could request doctor assisted killing? 

Question: If elected, would you support or oppose policies that protected the consciences of doctors who, because of their deeply held beliefs, could not be involved in any aspect of euthanasia or assisted suicide? 

Canada is about to cross a sacred line whereby some human beings will be legally allowed to kill other humans. This is being forced on us by a Supreme Court that is intent on crossing this line.

Question:  If elected will you consider invoking the notwithstanding clause in order to protect the people of Saskatchewan and the doctors who care for them?

If you want to download, print or copy these questions in the form of a rack card, please click here.


Hi Jan,

It was great to meet you last night. I appreciate having the opportunity to chat with you. I want to thank you for passing this e-mail along, in particular the information around the current status of law in our country. 

Just on parental consent, I have had a chance to chat with a few others in the community on the issue and have heard this. The NDP stance is that even for a young woman, this a choice that they should be able to make. We feel, adding bureaucracy and government rules in a decision like this is not the best way to support a young person. We do believe this is a decision that’s between a woman and her doctor. In saying that, we do want to focus on ensuring young people have access to education and women’s health services that help them make smart personal choices. And beyond that, if a young person decides to have that child, that we make sure the proper supports are there to give that child the best start possible in terms of early learning and education. 

Once again I do really appreciate you passing this along. Don't ever hesitate to follow up with any other questions or comments. 

Thank You

Brett Estey

NDP Candidate

Regina Rochdale