Open Letter to Health Minister Jim Reiter

Dear Minister Reiter,

It has come to our attention that the province of Saskatchewan is about to make a decision regarding the funding of the abortion pill.

Mr. Reiter, I am urging you not to fund any expansion to abortion in our province. The targeting of pre-born children because they are unwanted is a tragedy. As a Pro-Life resident of Saskatchewan it pains me to know that my tax dollars continue to fund the abortion of pre-born children. 

Mr. Reiter, this is an easy decision to make. Pre-born children are members of the human family, not a political football to be used for, or against you. 

Not only should you not allow abortion access expanded, you should also be concerned for what such an expansion could mean for the health of women in rural communities. These women would see this as convenient, certainly, as it could save them a lengthy trip to a doctor who will perform an abortion. However, if anything goes wrong, and there are known emergency complications associated with the abortion pill. It is these women who will be disproportionately negatively affected due to their lack of timely access to ultrasound and specialists when things go wrong.

Dr. Anthony Levatino describes the abortion procedure.

Dr. Anthony Levatino describes the abortion procedure.

If you decide to fund the abortion pill throughout our province we will have to let our members know that they can no longer support you or the Saskatchewan party in future elections.

Thank you for your continued service to the residents of our beautiful province. You ignore pre-born children to your peril. There will come a day when you have to answer for every decision you make. Please make the right one. 


Valerie Hettrick


Saskatchewan Pro-Life Association