Saskatoon, SK

January 27, 2018 

The Saskatchewan Pro-Life Association (SPLA) extends hearty congratulations to Scott Moe on his successful bid to become leader of the Saskatchewan Party!


“With the leadership race out of the way, we hope to see Saskatchewan move quickly to implement legislation mandating parental involvement when a minor requests an abortion,” said Colette Stang, President of the SPLA. “The current lack of parental notification or consent does a disservice to young women who find themselves facing an incredibly difficult decision, often without support and under pressure from a boyfriend or peers.”

 Scott Moe with Sask Pro-Life Staff

Scott Moe with Sask Pro-Life Executive Director

“Parents have to sign off on minors’ field trips, piercings, and marriages, not to mention other medical procedures – the abortion gap is one that needs to be addressed regardless of whether it’s a politically popular subject.” She adds, “We will be watching for sound legislation to be introduced that will recognize parental rights and offer support for vulnerable girls.”


“During the leadership race it was encouraging to see fruits of the work done over the past three years,” Stang said. “The leadership candidates were all aware of the grassroots desire for legislation on parental consent for abortion.”


When questioned about parental consent during the campaign Moe acknowledged that parental consent has been a topic of ongoing discussion at the caucus level. He said, “We had that discussion amongst my colleagues in years gone by in respect to the potential of looking at something in the way of parental consent. There may be some opportunities as we move forward under my leadership with respect to a caucus discussion around the potentiality of parental notification.”


The SPLA looks forward to working with Mr. Moe and his team, along with our committed grassroots supporters, to ensure parental consent for abortion becomes a reality in Saskatchewan.