Right Now, founded by Alissa Golob and Scott Hayward, “exists to nominate and elect pro-life politicians.” On November 22, 2017, they posted answers to the questions they asked of the candidates for the Saskatchewan Party leadership and ranked them for voting.

By the next day, mass media outlets were reporting on this work, or more accurately, attacking the pro-life candidates. “If you haven’t seen the media lately,” they posted on the Right Now Facebook page, many reports have been coming out about Ken Cheveldayoff and Rob Clarke’s excellent pro-life interviews and pro-life ranking.”

The better the media, the better the democracy. When it comes to abortion, however, the media insist on being gatekeepers for who can and cannot be involved in governance and it does democracy no service. This is a topic of who the pre-born are, the right to life as a common good greater than a right to rights, and the non-jurisdiction of doctors or politicians or ministers or mothers or fathers to decide who lives and who dies.

The result of this attention has been an increased awareness of truly “the most vulnerable,” namely at-risk human beings in the pre-born time of their development.

Candidate Alanna Koch did not respond to these questions before publication deadline. On her promotional material, however, she has a line, “I believe in science based decision making.” That would be perhaps the beginning of common ground on saving babies from abortion, although in a different statement she distances herself from such an identity. “The right to choose was decided by the Supreme Court of Canada three decades ago. I fully support a woman’s right to choose. I am focused solely on the issues of importance to the people of Saskatchewan – growth of our economy, jobs for our people, health, education and programs for the most vulnerable.”

She never specifies what is chosen, destroying an already existing human being. Abortion is a medical solution to a social problem, a final solution, as former abortionist, Dr. Bernard Nathanson used to say, including during a trial in Saskatchewan

in 1983 to defend the humanity of the pre-born. Social problems require social solutions as Koch rightly intuits in her statement.

On the Right Now question, “If legislation was passed in the provincial legislature on life issues, what would you do to ensure the judiciary respects the will of the legislature?” candidate Gord Wyatt replied: “The judiciary is a third arm of government and independent of the legislature and will interpret law in accordance with our nation’s constitution. A Member of the Legislative Assembly cannot attempt to influence the judiciary.” No one would ever say the Wall government is attempting to influence the judiciary by its nothwithstanding legislation in response to the Theodore School District case, but with abortion the rules change. The provincial government has taken risks in its relations with the federal government over private MRIs, and we are saying it is worth taking these risks to protect the pre-born.

Right Now writers have this reply about the Supreme Court 1988 decision: “Some

politicians use the Supreme Court of Canada case R v Morgentaler as an excuse to prevent discussion on the abortion issue in the political arena,” they explain. “The Supreme Court recognized expressly that Parliament has the right to pass legislation to protect the unborn. The decision was that five of seven Justices voted to strike down the pre-existing law as the wrong way to achieve that legitimate goal. The Court then invited Parliament to draft different legislation. The issue is far from being settled, as the Supreme Court explicitly points out.”

Citizens of a country like Ukraine can justifiably say, “I can’t believe in 2017” we are talking about a war of invasion against us in the heart of civilized Europe. But using this phrase to demand and defend abortion is just vacuous and flippant.

There are enduring questions in life and there are also enduring truths. We have spent enough decades rejecting the enduring truth about who we are as human beings.

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