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Taken from the Silent No More Awareness December Newsletter

A Note from our Pastoral Director

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

"Come, Lord Jesus!" These words mark this month of December, this season of Advent, this time when we reflect on the coming of the Lord and on our need for His coming.

For eleven months, our Silent No More Awareness Campaign has been educating the public about the multifaceted shockwaves of abortion. We have considered the damage done to moms and dads, siblings and survivors, grandparents and the whole family, friends and abortionists, minority communities, and the pro-life advocates themselves.

Now, seeing all that pain and damage, and knowing we cannot fix it ourselves, we are moved more deeply than ever to cry out, Come, Lord Jesus! We cry out not in desperation, but in confident hope, because His Word already gives us His response: "Yes, I am coming soon!"

This Campaign, in announcing the mercy and forgiveness so many have found in Christ after the sin of abortion, is really an announcement of His coming. He comes not only in the Incarnation and at the end of time. He comes when we repent of sin and he sends his healing forgiveness; he comes when his word stirs us to repentance and new hope; he comes when relationships are reconciled, when new beginnings are made, and when the grace of the sacraments floods our souls.

Indeed, Come, Lord Jesus! Amen!!


Fr. Frank Pavone

Pastoral Director, Silent No More Awareness Campaign

National Director, Priests for Life