Many people say: "There is so much going on...what can I do?"

One of the simplest, yet effective, things to do is to sign petitions, particularly "official" ones that will have clout.  Here are a few that are active and that we urge you to act upon:


The Petition is open for signature until July 20, 2016, at 3:42 p.m. (EDT)


  • In current federal law, a pre-born child is not recognized as a victim with respect to violent crimes;
  • When a pregnant woman in Canada is assaulted or killed, because we offer no legal protection for pre-born children today, no charges can be laid in the death of the pre-born child;
  • Forcing upon a pregnant woman the death/injury of her pre-born child is a violation of a woman's right to protect and give life to her child; and
  • The Kaake and Durham families of Windsor, Ontario are grieving the loss of Cassandra and her daughter Molly, who she was thirty-one weeks pregnant with when they were brutally murdered in December 2014.

We, the undersigned, Residents of Canada, call upon the House of Commons to Pass legislation which would recognize pre-born children as separate victims when they are injured or killed during the commission of an offence against their mothers, allowing two charges to be laid against the offender instead of just one.