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Parental Consent Intern Project Donation Campaign


The SPLA board is going ahead with a summer project like no other! We are calling it “Intern Project”.  We are going to be working on our mission to pass parental consent legislation by engaging youth – during the summer yet too, when it normally is so slow for us. 

We have two female students from the University of Saskatchewan who are willing to work for us for ten weeks this summer. They will be on contract from June 27th until September 2nd and their mission is to canvass as many residents as possible with a goal of signing up thousands of new petitioners for our parental consent campaign. The details are still being worked out but it will involve their presence at events all over the province!  They will be at community fairs, exhibitions, rodeos, ball tournaments, downtown corridors, and door-to-door. 

We’ve never done this before but it should be good!

We need to get the funds in place before we can launch the Intern Project.  We need to compensate the students fairly and respect their enormous commitment. In order to complete this we are going to need approximately $20,000. This will cover their wages as well as the costs associated with travel, accommodations and food. 

I am confident that we can do this! As we’ve seen in the past few years, when we integrate paid staff with our dedicated volunteers we really start to see progress!

Can you send out an appeal to all our supporters? We need to get the funds together quickly. I know this is short notice but we live by faith right?  

Thanks Val. Keep up the great work!


There you have it folks. I think this is a great opportunity as well. In fact I love working for an organization that is always thinking about how to pursue our objectives in new and innovative ways. 


The Intern Project is a great way in which you can help us fulfill our mission…and have some young pro-lifers engaged for an entire summer in advocating for laws that protect the most vulnerable.   PLEASE HELP US OUT IN ANY WAY YOU CAN!

We need YOUR continued help to get the government to DO THE RIGHT THING!
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