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Love/HELP them BOTH!

When a woman is faced with a troubled pregnancy, she is faced with serious and life-altering decisions.  She has to choose to either have an abortion (which in many cases is the first and most encouraged choice) or keep and raise her baby or give her baby up for adoption.  The Saskatchewan Pro-Life Association has been helping women and babies for years - directly and by giving funds to agencies such as Birthright, Informed Choices Centres, Rachel’s Vineyard Options Pregnancy Centres both Regina and Saskatoon, and other Right to Life groups.  Some of this help cannot be given in a timely manner and it takes a while to set things up.  We see the need for an emergency and immediate fund that we can access to help women faced with difficult choices when pregnant.

Therefore, we are setting up a special account that will be used to provide immediate support to women and young girls who do not have easy access to financial support from a spouse or parents or boyfriend or anyone else.  Women sometimes lose their jobs because they are pregnant; sometimes young girls get kicked out of the house or are with a partner who is not supportive.  Extensive counselling and support can be expensive.  Placing a baby up for adoption can be a very difficult, legally-confusing and expensive, time-consuming proposition.  Parents who adopt cannot give the mother any funds to help her out because it can look as though the baby was purchased, which is against the law (rightly so but..)…

If you can find it in your heart to help us help women through the process of carrying, bearing and raising or adopting their little one, that would be a fantastic testimony of “putting our money where our mouth is…”.  This would show that we/you REALLY Love/Help them Both…

The funds provided will be carefully monitored and administered, and will be treated as though it came from our own pocket - we promise to be good stewards of and with your hard-earned money.

Because of our critical work, we are unable to issue tax receipts for memberships and donations to the Association. This gives us the necessary freedom to work effectively in all areas. 

Thank you so much for your generous donation.


See below for stories of women we are trying to help,